Global Sourcing

Management Team

GGR Global Sourcing is managed by a team of experienced professionals. 017-Global-Business-500-300x300


Grant Kakita 

Before becoming a partner with GGR Global Sourcing, Grant had been with the cosmetic and bio- medical industry for over a decade. In the past he worked in private label distribution throughout Asia and sourced and manufactured products from China for the US market.



George Wilkie

As a veteran of the sourcing industry and with a network that extends to the far reaches of the globe, George provides exclusive opportunities and solutions to our clients and brands.  With his background in engineering and in depth knowledge of manufacturing, GGR Global Sourcing is able to effectively execute and over achieve our clients’ expectations.



Richard “Ricky” Hoffman

Ricky is experienced in international brand distribution, and has worked to expand several global brands within the African, Asian and US markets.  He is currently the head of our Sales and Customer Service team, driving commercial strategies and building partnerships with regional distributors and local dealers.